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Welcome to our site of Thai Buddhist amulets!

We are based in France on the European continent.

So, if you are from the European Community, our prices include your country's VAT. We pay this VAT to your government. You will not have to pay customs fees.

All our amulets are stored in France, and we regularly travel to Thailand to acquire new amulets for your pleasure.

This site is one of the largest inventories of Thai amulets; all come from temples and monks in Thailand or Nepal.

Thai amulets are considered powerful sacred objects that bring good fortune and protection against all dangers.

We've had many satisfied customers because we always do the right thing.

All the prices of our articles are in euros.

We ship almost everywhere. Shipping is FREE with a tracking number for shipping.

Most of our customers come from: Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, France and Spain. We have also received orders from the United States, Taiwan and Singapore. We now have over 2,500 Thai Buddhist Amulets in stock.

We only buy the best amulets, necklaces, bracelets, etc. temples in Thailand.

We don't buy them from street vendors or online from anyone selling their collection; we only deal with Thai Buddhist monasteries.

For many Thais, these amulets serve as reminders of Buddhist teachings and agents of the Buddha's magical power.

Conventional amulets depict the Buddha in a meditative state, while others depict prominent Buddhist monks.

Many Thais believe that Buddhist amulets grant supernatural abilities to those who wear them. Certain amulets are said to bring success and happiness.

Others protect the wearer from disease, witchcraft and bad luck.

Buddhist amulets are big business in Thailand.

Many Thai Buddhists collect amulets, and there are markets for them in every city in the country. Amulets are advertised in magazines devoted entirely to the trade, and increasingly they can be obtained online.

It is also possible to obtain newly created amulets from temples by simply donating.

Religious festivals and royal celebrations allow new amulets to be constantly added to the already rich offer, and the recipes are usually destined for charitable causes.

Thai people rent amulets rather than buy them, using the word chaw ("rent" or "hire") to describe their purchases. This terminology shows that one can never actually own an amulet, but simply take the opportunity to temporarily enjoy the power of an amulet.

We are not interested in speculation in the amulet market.

We want you to enjoy the supposed power of talismans and amulets.