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Amulet of protection and black magic

Around the world, black magic has been and is practiced in many cultures. For example, some Native American tribes call on sorcerers or spirit guides to advise them and solve their problems. In the United States, witchcraft was punished by torture and death until around 1750.

Seances are popular around the world: people contact deceased relatives or spirit guides through a medium.

It is difficult to draw the line between white magic and black magic because there is a lot of overlap.

In general, however, the classification of magic as white or black depends on the intention of the creator and how the person using it sees it.

Thai black magic, known as Sai Ya Sart, is not of Buddhist origin, but rather stems from Brahma and animist beliefs.

White magic is often associated with Buddhism. Buddhist sutras contain frequent references to supernatural events and powers, but they are always used for good.

Thai sacred magic (animism) is a belief system that predates Buddhism that teaches that inanimate objects such as stones, trees, or water are inhabited by spirits and souls. This belief still exists today in Thailand.

Black magic has a long history in Thailand. It has its origins in animism, a belief that everything has a spirit or soul, even animals and other objects, living or dead. Plants, trees, rocks and other objects were sometimes considered gods capable of influencing the weather, people's emotions and health, luck.

Even before Buddhism arrived from India (it is still very much alive there today), animism and black magick practices existed in Thailand.

Although Theravada Buddhism is the dominant religion in Thailand, there are also significant Christian and Muslim minorities in the southern regions of the country.

The majority of people in Thailand believe in black magic, demons and superstitions. Black magic isn't always bad. It can be used for good or bad purposes, just like anything else. For example, a mother can use a black magic spell to help her child heal when he is sick.

Although many Thais identify with Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions, black magic is still part of their culture.

Thais strongly believe in the supernatural, especially black magic and ghosts.

The Power of Spirits and Ghosts and the Spirit House

The Mau Pii is a person who knows the local spirits and gives advice on the best place to place a spirit house when building a new structure.

Spirit houses are also built at accident black spots to prevent further accidents from occurring there.

The Mau Pii hold ceremonies for people and spirits.

For example, they bless a new object so that the spirits will not be jealous and prevent it from working. They bless cars and motorcycles to prevent accidents to the new owner.

They interpret dreams and if the person concerned has had nightmares, they perform a purification ceremony to rid them of the bad effects of these dreams.

On many properties, and even inside buildings, there is space reserved for the spirits that inhabit the land or place.

A spirit house is raised off the ground - usually at least a meter high, often two meters - and is a place where evil spirits or evil spirits rest so as not to disturb those on the property . Many people make offerings to these spirits inside their homes or shrines. They leave sodas, fruits, water, other drinks, cigarettes and other things as gifts for them. It is not uncommon to come across spirit houses on the side of the road, covered in bottles and cans of red Fanta. Anything to do with the Kuman Thong - a baby spirit from Thai cultural traditions - will often be showered with offerings of red Fanta.

Spirit houses may represent monks, Kuman Thong (and his mother), Kwan Yin (the Buddhist goddess of mercy), Nang Kwak (a goddess of wealth), Luang Phor Tuad (a god of medicine), Luang Phor Klai (a god who can grant wishes) or Ganesh (a Hindu deity).

Thai monks and masters who use magic to cast spells and make Buddhist amulets in Thailand generally claim that their magic is white, or good, and that they perform it with good intentions.

These same monks and masters often use magic to suppress dark magic and free someone from the effects of dark magic spells.

Although no one we met claimed to practice black magic in Thailand, black magic and barang - a kind of voodoo - are practiced there.

Thai black magic is practiced by both monks and shamans, who have powerful amulets

The Lersi, who are not necessarily monks but masters of the spirit world, guide black magic spells and rituals. Thais who practice barang (witchcraft) do so at home or in temples.

While some Thais are unable to distinguish between black magic, witchcraft (barang) and Buddhism, most of them incorporate all three into their belief system.

Black magic is both feared and revered in Thailand. Recently, the country's new prime minister, General Prayuth Chanocha, said he believed his poor health was due to black magic spells cast by his opponents. This phenomenon is taken very seriously in Thailand; if someone was caught casting black magic spells on someone in public, they would likely be charged in court and convicted.

In Thailand, many Buddhist monks claim to possess supernatural powers. The Buddhist sutras, the books on Buddhism, talk about abhinna powers - extraordinary abilities that some meditators have after reaching the fourth jhana. Some monks give out lucky lottery numbers to devotees, but other monks refused to continue this practice. The people following them try to read what a monk says as he hands out numbers, then rush off to play the lottery.

Thai anti black magic amulets

People who believe in black magic, hexes and curses, ghosts and voodoo often experience symptoms of supernatural activity: they are attracted to someone they have never met; they have an accident that seems impossible; they act weird and don't remember what happened; they see or hear things that don't exist.

Many people also believe that it is possible to tell if someone is bewitched by looking at their fingernails.

Some claim that if a person is bewitched, his fingernails will be slightly longer than usual.

We only sell black magic protection amulets on amulet-thailand.com. You may have heard a lot about the powers of black magic amulets, and how they can help you in difficult situations. But there are many disagreements between shamans about rituals and superstitions. This is why we have chosen not to sell amulets or talismans with powers of black magic. We do not pretend to sell the best amulet or the most powerful amulet because each of them have their specificity

Amulets are traditionally used against various types of evil in many ancient and modern cultures.

In the past, when popular beliefs were more widely accepted, many people had more faith in the protective object.

While some do not fully believe in their power, even if they wear an amulet as a love amulet, others - especially those who adhere to Wiccan or astrological beliefs and faiths - take their talismans and amulets seriously.

As a reminder, please note that wearing our amulets does not exempt you from seeking medical treatment in the event of symptoms. Use of our amulets should not imply abandonment or modification of current official medical treatment, even if you notice improvement during and after wearing or having the amulet around your neck. If you are in any doubt, please consult your doctor.

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