Ma Sep nang - Woman with a horse - Thai love amulet

Ma Sep nang - Couple's Love Talisman - Thailand Amulet

Ma Sep nang - Origin and legend

Ma sep nang amulets are used as part of an occult sorcery originating in Burma and introduced to the mountainous region of Lanna, in the north of Thailand. The Ma sep nang is one of the four major occult witchcraft of Maha Saney love spells. The story goes that there was a girl who bred a horse and fell in love with it.

This amulet depicts a female Deva nymph riding and kissing a horse.

The image is taken from an ancient legend of the Lanna people. Horse-loving women are an ancient Lanna spell of the Ma Sep Nang, a legendary Wicha of the ancient animist people of the border regions of northern Thailand, Burma and Laos.

The local legend would be this: The lady took care of her horse every day, but one day, her love for him could no longer be contained, she will be, all naked, to kiss him.

When his father found out, he was furious and killed the horse; it devastated the young girl so much that she held her breath until she too died.

Ma Sep nang - Secret amulet with magical powers

The Ma sep nang amulet is created for both men and women, but it is especially effective for men. The Ma sep nang amulet contributes to many aspects of male empowerment, but more specifically to areas such as personal charisma and strong personal magnetism, which may have previously been untapped and hidden within one's soul; it also contributes to the power of attraction and enchantment so that the user becomes an irresistible force to be reckoned with. Women will suddenly find those wearing the Ma sep nang amulet sexy, fun and hypnotically interesting for her own pleasure. Your sexual attractiveness will increase and women will find you irresistible.

The power of the Ma sep nang amulet will provide the user with many possibilities to find a multitude of willing and attractive partners or a single soul mate, depending on what he wishes. Along with a newfound ability to attract members of the opposite sex, men will find they exude a chemistry of sexual attractiveness, regardless of their current physical characteristics. Women and will attract an abundance of entertaining and interesting male and female friends and admirers.

Ma sep nang is a powerful amulet that increases a person's sex appeal, making them more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Ma sep nang is also said to increase a person's ability to attract their true love, bringing happiness and harmony to their life.

This charm amulet is created to make you more attractive, more approachable, for the opposite sex, it would seem to improve your powers of persuasion and help you conquer that special someone. The natural power of the amulet could also strengthen existing personal relationships or improve your family life.

In some pha yants, the artist represents a woman embracing a horse or other animals, considering the symbolism as a magic talisman of Love.

An amulet is not a miracle product

As the saying goes, there is no miracle product. The results of an amulet's powers may differ from person to person.

This is because each person has intrinsic factors unique to them that influence how an amulet can benefit them but in no way harm them.

Amulets are personal beliefs; if you believe in superstitions, spirits, ghosts, then you will be able to feel an invisible power within you, a feeling that can be of great benefit to you.

Ma Sep nang - Woman with a horse - Thai love amulet

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