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Yin tong (Inkoo) amulets for luck in love

Amulets in the shape of female figures are called "YinTong" or "YinKu", which are expressions of the Lanna or northern Thai language.

Some manuals suggest that the name comes from Ngew or Thai Yai, although these amulets are usually made of metal and represent nudity.

For many people, the nudity of these figurines automatically associates them with sexual arousal.

Indeed, many amulet sellers misrepresent them, deliberately or not, in order to meet market demand for such items.

Those familiar with Thai myths and legends will find that the lust and sexuality exhibited by these agents is only part of a larger whole that is "Yee Per" and "Mae Per".

Yee Per and Mae Per are sacred figures used in rituals by practitioners of the Keo Hlaing tradition.

The Yee Per is a couple of naked men whose sexual organs are exposed and magnified, while Mae Per is a unique female figure whose sexual organs are also exposed and magnified.

We won't go into the details of the use of Yee Per and Mae Per in ritual practices, but suffice it to say that the two are very different from each other.

The origin of mankind is a popular theme in many religions.

In Thai folklore, Yin Tong was the first human couple. Nudity symbolizes truth, openness and lack of shame. It also represents the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

Many temples, monks and abbots made and consecrated yin tong amulets, but the most famous to date is Luang Phor Somjit Sukkho of Wat Noi Nanghong.

To correct the misrepresentation of sexuality and obscenity, Yin Tong made a sculpture of Luang Phor Somjit dressed in traditional Thai costumes.

Luang Phor Somjit made and consecrated Yin Tong statues and amulets according to ancient Lanna scriptures using sacred incantations to bring love, harmony, great popularity, fortune, wealth and prosperity.

Yin Tongs from other temples have the same power as those made by Luang Phor Somjit, but his Yin Tongs extend to all areas of activity beyond the home. He is the master of Thai Phaedthi (Bagua), so he added eight-direction charms and Yin/Yang charms to his creations.

Thailand Amulets for the LGBTQ and Gay Community

Gay amulets are specially designed for gay people and help them find true love from people of the same sex.

The magic love attraction gay amulet is for gay men or lesbians who want a perfect partner in their life.

This amulet will help you attract the attention of the person you love and help you find the perfect partner.

This amulet is not only a love charm for gay men, but also for those who are looking for a partner with a similar sexual preference.

Inkoo Maha saneh, is a female amulet or amulet of the strong third sex, according to its creator monk, it would be made from ghost oil! She is worshiped as a fetish to strengthen the couple's love.

Yin tong, a sexual amulet for neophytes, a charm and love talisman for connoisseurs

Because the Yin Tong consecrated by Luang Phor Somjit balances the two contrasting energies, it has the power to reconcile and harmonize the sexes, as well as people of all genders.

When Yin Tong is worshiped in the house, harmony and love will be present in the couple, between husband and wife, between woman and woman and man and man and the other members of the household.

if he is adored in places of commerce and offices, he brings fortune and prosperity to businesses.

On the other hand, wearing a Yin Tong amulet brings Yin Tong wherever one travels, bringing with you the aforementioned positive energies.

The effectiveness of Thai sacred objects comes from the believer's faith in the specific sacred object, as well as wearing it with a pure state of mind.

If you wear the Yin Tong with the mindset of debauchery that some amulet merchants sell you, you will definitely not be able to experience and benefit from the positive energies of love, harmony, prosperity , etc. associated with Yin Tong.

The reason is simple: you are in the wrong channel.

Powers of Inkoo or Ying tong amulets

The amulet can help you attract your lover's attention and keep them loyal to you.

InKoo amulets are very popular in Thailand, as well as overseas, due to their power to bring sex appeal and romantic success to the worshipper.

These amulets have the great power to make your lover love only you. Also, the person wearing this amulet must be honest in love for it to work properly.

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