Thai amulet - Kuman Thong - Protection against supernatural forces

Kuman thong amulets (gumanthong)

Kuman Thong or ghost children can be found wandering through forests and haunted sites, but they have also been known to haunt homes.

Kuman Thong spirits like to find adoptive parents or playmates.

They are known to possess humans and cause disease, madness, and physical damage to the body.

The main method of protection against the Kuman Thong is to keep an amulet in your pocket at all times to protect yourself from supernatural forces and attacks.

Amulets are traditionally worn to ward off evil in many ancient and modern cultures. In the past, when popular beliefs were more widely accepted, many people had more faith in the power of their protective object.

Kuman Thong amulets have been popular in Thailand for centuries.

They are believed to bring good fortune, wealth and protect the home.

They can be ordered to help with business, to protect against black magic spells or bad luck, and to increase luck in gambling.

In the tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen, King Phra Ruang asks his four wives to make a charm to protect him on the battlefield.

Each of them then made an amulet from their unborn children.

For example, the laoren say that in addition to luck, the kuman thong amulet helps people avoid misfortune and bad luck.

Kuman thong is also said to help create a sense of wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity throughout a person's home.

Over time, however, belief in amulets dwindled until only a few people still believed in them; some even doubted that wearing a protective amulet could be beneficial.

Nevertheless, countless people swear by magic spells and amulets.

While most people do not place great importance on wearing a protective amulet around their neck or on their finger, others take their talismans seriously.

To take into consideration,please note that wearing our amulets does not exempt you from seeking medical treatment in the event of symptoms. Use of our amulets should not imply abandonment or modification of current official medical treatment, even if you notice improvement during and after wearing or having the amulet around your neck. If you are in any doubt, please consult your doctor.